Why Urgent Care?

PRMC Urgent Care services encompass a broad spectrum of general medicine, but mostly focuses on the stabilization, diagnosis and management of patients suffering from a minor illness or injury. Our Urgent Care Center is equipped to treat non-life threatening injuries and illnesses. See our page on the symptoms and conditions we commonly treat.

Urgent Care provides affordable and convenient care for a variety of problems from coughs, fevers and nausea to vomiting, allergies and infections- or whether you just need an X-ray, laboratory test, medicine, or a simple physical. Medical treatments also provided for skin rashes, fevers and infections to gastrointestinal problems, burns, lacerations and simple fractures.

While our Advanced Practice Providers are experienced in treating such problems and conditions, they should not take the place of your primary care provider or PCP. PRMC Urgent Care provides a convenient alternative when your primary physician is unavailable.

PRMC Urgent Care is NOT equipped to provide obstetrical care; long-term management for diabetes, hypertension and other conditions like cancer; or treatment for life-threatening illnesses or injuries.

Urgent care centers, including ours, are NOT emergency clinics. If you are having an emergency, never delay treatment from an emergency room. If you decide to go to an urgent care when you are having an emergency, whether you know it or not, you WILL be sent out to the closest emergency room.