Patient Info

Knowing what to expect for your visit helps our team get you seen, diagnosed, and treated so you can save time and feel better.


Your first step to feeling better is checking in. Don’t want to wait in our lobby? That’s fine! You can check-in online and wait wherever you’re most comfortable. We’ll send you a message when it’s time for you to head into to the clinic. There are a few things you’ll need before we can see you through. Be sure to come ready with your:

  • Photo ID
  • Insurance Card
  • Payment Method

See Our Care Providers

Our Advanced Practice Providers are here to treat you for a variety of illnesses and injuries. Depending on your reason for visiting, our staff may need to perform diagnostic tests like x-rays, or lab work, to help you get the treatment you need.


Once our care team has determined a diagnostic and treatment plan, we’ll let you get on your way to feeling better. Our staff will cover your aftercare instructions, a record of your visit, and provide instructions on following up with your primary care physician.